Left over wood, canvas, glue, acrylic, water, lead pencil, fixative

220 cm x 60 cm 

Out to lunch – part 2, group show, 3:e Våningen  (in collaboration with BLOOM, Düsseldorf (DE)

Photo 1–3, 5: Hanna Antonsson, photo 4: Katerina Lukoshkova

Where the Sun never sets


Technostone: XPS insulation boards, hand pooked inscriptions made with a BBQ stick, wood

240 cm x 60 cm 

Out to lunch – part 1, group show, BLOOM, Düsseldorf (DE)

Photo: Hanna Antonsson

Songs and music production
Retreat Radio, based in Malmö (SE). Tracklist released Midsummer eve 230623.
Original photo: Ginger Johansson

Nightcore panel moderators: One leg rose & Haschtomten

Acrylic paint, canvas, unknown tree, glue, water 

Varse – mentally I am here, groupshow, Vulcano, Gothenburg, Sweden

Photo: Hanna Antonsson

One More Time Set list


Technostone: XPS insulation boards, hand pooked inscriptions made with a BBQ stick

840 cm x 60 cm x 200 cm

məd ˈdriliNG, duoshow with Oda Haugerud, Kulturtemplet, Gothenburg (SE)

Photo 1-2: Hanna Antonsson, photo 3: Oda Haugerud

Evighetsträd ~ Eternitree


Left over wood, 3D prints, glue, wooden pearls, thread, unknown stone, surroundings

105 cm x 60 cm x 25 cm

məd ˈdriliNG, duoshow with Oda Haugerud, Kulturtemplet, Gothenburg (SE)

Photo: Hanna Antonsson

One Leg Rose entering the scene like:


Left over wood, canvas, acrylic paint, glue

45 cm x  40 cm x 40 cm

məd ˈdriliNG, duoshow with Oda Haugerud, Kulturtemplet, Gothenburg (SE)

Photo: Hanna Antonsson

I WAS HERE – Part 3. Speedy Elevator Mood Svving


Hand poked inskriptions made with a barbeque stick and a Canada Goose feather on XPS Insulation boards, 18 kg oat

360 cm x 60 cm x 40 cm

Silent mail, groupshow, 3:e Våningen, Gothenburg (SE)
Daniel Grizelj
Part of GIBCA Extended

Songs and music production
SAATANS KVINNA | Retreat Radio, based in Malmö (SE)
Original photo:
Martin Hultkvist



Installation view, Soundscape "Vildvittrorna på Mars"

Solo show at Kulturvagnen, Berg, Sweden



Acrylic on canvas, cardboard moving box

Installation view Vad är nytt, groupshow at Nya Fabriken, Hisingen (SWE) 2021

Photo: Hanna Antonsson

Background Story

02:55 min

2018 – Ongoing

Installation view groupshow Actonauts, Limbo, Genève, Schweiz 2021

Background Story belongs to the ongoing body of video work Carrier of Culture and has earlier been shown at Galleri 54 (SE) 2020, Vulkano (SE) 2020, The Alma Löv Museum (SE) 2018, Academy of Valand (SE) 2018



Acrylic on plasterboard, wooden construction, inscriptions made with a screwdriver during the opening night (collab painting with Martin Formgren)

Part of Duo Show Side Effects / Some Flowers Shines Best at Night, with Martin Formgren at KRYPTA, Konstepidemin, Gothenburg (SE) 2020

Fractal Bird + Lilla Björnen = SANT


RIDE OR DIE 2.0: WOLDFLax, groupshow, Ödledammen, Slottsskogen, Gothenburg (SWE) 2020

Hybriddans på technosten


Inscriptions on XPS Insulation Boards, wooden construction, 3d printed feet

Inscriptions made by hand with a barbeque stick, blue Bic pen and toothpicks

360 cm x 240 cm x 120 cm

Offsite Solo show, somewhere between Rainbow street and Gasoline road, Hisingen (SE)

Blueberry Hotspot


Blueberries from local mountain Ramberget, earth's crust, unknown tree, multistring, reed, water flower, salt color pencill, ink, acetone

Part of Aerosol, Sage, Intent: Unlock, group show at Göteborgs Konstförening (SE), plus ONLINE SHOW HERE

Photo Erik Gustafsson

Today I saw a X-mas tree in da woods, 0:33 min


Have you ever wondered how the rain sounds in the woods, 01:57 min


Part of Couch Philosophy, ongoing collection of video works 

Bits of the collection has been shown at the Online groupshow In Your Interface, 2020

Story of the Jade Rabbit of the Moon (1:45)


Patience!!! Dot Dot Dot Airplane


Duoshow with Andreas Sandberg

Galleri Monitor, Gothenburg (SE)


How to use your computer screen as a light box

2019 – Ongoing

Crayon, pen, aceton, dental floss, old banana, A3 sized tree

Part of Velvet Ropes (GIFC), groupshow at Nevven, Gothenburg (SWE)

Rosettas vänner


Valand Academy, Main Entrance

The work has been displayed at Göteborgs Stadsmuseum during the groupshow Ordna livet - 17 böcker, Gothenburg (SE) 2019

Hook Me Up With Tribal Tattoo Link Me Down Infinity Street
Insulation boards with handmade inscriptions

Solo show, Kville Konstkollektiv, Gothenburg (SE)

I am an artifact

Text (below), sound, insulation board with handmade inscriptions

Part of groupshow Sound at Göteborgs Konstmuseum, våning 5 "Romantiken", Gothenburg (SE), 2018

I am an artifact (times) all the people

I am an artifact x all Tuesdays
I am an artifact x all nameless ideas

I am an artifact x mine and yours

I am an artifact x all Likes
I am an artifact x do you want more
I am an an artifact x heminredningsdetalj

(home accessories)

Jag är en artefakt (gånger) alla människor

Jag är en artefakt x alla tisdagar
Jag är en artefakt x alla namnlösa idéer

Jag är en artefakt x min och din
Jag är en artefakt x alla gillar
Jag är en artefakt x vill du ha mer
Jag är en artefakt x heminredningsdetalj (hemtillbehör)

I tried my best to make pollution look good, again


The Alma Löv Museum, Sweden


Jenny Johansson





Audiovisual artist (b. 1982) based in Gothenburg (SE), works interdisciplinary with collage in relations to material hierarchies and speculative historiography.

På väg 45, Artist in Residence, Konsthallen i Trollhättan (January – Mars 2024)
Where the sun never sets, solo show, 3:e Våningen (June 2024)

2017–2020 BFA Fine Art Photography, Valand Academy, Gothenburg (SE)
2015–2016 Contemporary Art and Philosophy, Valand Academy Gothenburg (SE)
2011 Contemporary Art as a Tool for Education, University of Design and Craft, Gothenburg (SE)
2007–2008 Artistic project- and concept development (video art), Folkhögskolan i Angered (SE)
2006–2007 Documentary film making, Folkhögskolan i Angered (SE)

Solo shows
2022 mәd ˈdriliNG, with Oda Haugerud, Kulturtemplet, Gothenburg (SE)
2021 SYNS INTE FINNS INTE, Kulturvagnen, Galleri Söreskog i Berg (SE)
2021 Feed The Wall, BRA 10, Konstepidemin, Gothenburg (SE)
2020 Side Effects|Some Flowers Shines Best At Night, with Martin Formgren, KRYPTA, Gothenburg (SE)
2019 Patience!!! Dot Dot Dot Airplane, with Andreas Sandberg, Galleri Monitor, Gothenburg (SE)
2018 Carrier of Culture – I tried my best to make pollution look good, again, The Alma Löv Museum, Östra Ämtervik (SE)
2018 Hook me up with tribal tattoo Link me down infinity street, Kville Konstkollektiv, Gothenburg (SE)
2017 Besvikna landskap|Disappointed Landscapes, Peepshow at Galleri 54, Gothenburg (SE)
2016 This is not a recipe, part 1. For the Future, Fabriksg. 48, Gothenburg (SE)
2016 Planet Quick Fix, Kville Konstkollektiv, Gothenburg (SE)
2015 Fake it ́ til we make it, Galleri KC, Gothenburg (SE)
2015 Quick fix - Low Budget Kanelbulle, Gallery Plywood, Gothenburg (SE)
2014 Green magick, Galleri Konst i Karlstad (SE)
2013 Mom has a wig now and Death wears sunglasses, Konsthall K, Karlstad (SE)
2010 From M, To Y. Galleri KC, Gothenburg (SE)

Selected group shows

Full of Days, soundscape for Eva la Cours video ’The Artist as Editor?’, Kunsthal Charlottenborg (DK)

Out to lunch – part 1, Bloom Gallery, Düsseldorf (DE)

Out to lunch – part 2, 3:e Våningen, Gothenburg (SE)
Upplaga #5, Nejd, Gothenburg (SE)
Varse – Mentally I’m here, Vulkano, Gothenburg (SE)

Actonautes, Limbo, Genève, Schweiz (CH)
Vad är nytt?, Nya Fabriken, Gothenburg (SE)
Silent mail, GIBCA Extended, 3:e Våningen, Gothenburg (SE)
Ljus, Galleri KC, Konstnärscentrum Väst, Gothenburg (SE)
We’we been sent a strange sign, Landskrona Foto Festival (SE)
Aerosol, Sage, Intent: Unlock, Göteborgs konstförening, Gothenburg (SE)

Ride or die 2.0 / EARTHFLAX, Ödledammen, Gothenburg (SE)

U got distance, Online Graduation show

inyourinterface, Online group show,
Decemberkalender, Galleri 54, Gothenburg (SE)
Upplaga #2, NEJD, Gothenburg (SE)

Velvet Ropes, Nevven, Gothenburg (SE)
Vårsalong, Värmlands konstförening i samarbete med Mariestads konstförening, Mariestad (SE)

0_o* Oogly boogly eyes, Galleri Rotor, Gothenburg (SE)
Ordna livet – 17 böcker, Göteborgs Stadsmuseum (SE)
Vårutställning, Galleri Thomassen, Gothenburg (SE)
Sound, Göteborgs Konstmuseum (SE)

Advice from a caterpilar, Gallery Entrance, Gothenburg (SE)

Group hug, Gallery Rotor, Gothenburg (SE)
Konvergenser #2, Nevven, Gothenburg (SE)
A lot, a lot, Galleri Thomassen, Gothenburg (SE)
Opening of Nejd, NEJD, Gothenburg (SE)
Enjoy the show, Gallery Entrance, Gothenburg (SE)

Ljudutställning, Fabriksg. 48, Gothenburg (SE)
Konvergenser #2, Nevven, Gothenburg (SE)
Innan luften går ur, Dragsjöberg, Hagfors (SE)

Värmlands konstförening, Rackstadmuseet, Arvika (SE)


Stipendieutställning, Värmlands Museum, Karlstad (SE)

Xmas, Galleri Oro, Gothenburg (SE)
Unga konstnärer, Galleri Vågen, Kristinehamn (SE)
Konvergenser #1, Nevven, Gothenburg (SE)
Hjul, Galleri KC, Konstnärscentrum Väst, Gothenburg (SE)
Galleri Oro gästar Trollhättans konsthall, Trollhättans konsthall (SE)
Värmlands konstförenings höstsalong,Värmlands Museum, Karlstad (SE)
Konst i pyttelitet format, Konsthall K, Konstfrämjandet Värmland, Karlstad (SE)
Värmlands konstförenings höstsalong, Kristinehamns konstmuseum (SE)

Värmlands konstförenings vårtsalong, Hammarö konsthall (SE)
Dom, Galleri KC, Gothenburg (SE)
Max 40, Galleri Konst i Karlstad (SE)
Galleri Urban ArtRoom, Gothenburg (SE)
Great Art Auction, Lidköping (SE)

Värmlands konstförenings höstsalong, Rackstadmuseet, Arvika (SE)
Island in the sun, Åland (FI)
Lagerhuset, Gothenburg (SE)

Galleri KC, Gothenburg (SE)
Färgelanda konsthall (SE)
Stadsbiblioteket, Gothenburg (SE)

Göteborgs internationella filmfestival, Gothenburg (SE)


Public Art Agency Sweden
Gothenburg City
Kristinehamn Municipality
Wermland Art Association
The Gothenburg Opera's Art Association
Art Association of Konst i Karlstad


2023 International exchange and travel allowance (Düsseldorf, DE), The Swedish Art Grant Committee

2022 Studio support, Gothenburg Arts and Cultural Affairs Committee

2021 One year working grant, The Swedish Art Grant Committee
2019 Travel stipend (Berlin, DE), Adlerbertska Stipendiestiftelsen
2016 ”Jenny Johansson Stipendiet”, patron Jonas Liveröd
2015 Pingels Youth stipend, The Art Association of Wermland

2014–2016 Studio support, Gothenburg Arts and Cultural Affairs Committee

Featured in





Art Viewer
Daily Lazy


NEJD Magazine, published by NEJD
Konvergenser #2, zine published by Nevven

Konvergenser #1, zine published by Nevven

2023 Sobr Oktbr, Burn Out Press

2020 En spekulativ vandring - med vargbajs i händerna,
2019 God afton, se pdf – Omorganiseringen
2018 Text to A nowhere girl from a nowhere land, The Alma Löv Museum catalogue
2016 Ljudutställning, Tape, FAB 48 re. #1

Konstnärscentrum Väst
Värmlands konstnärsförbund
Ateljéföreningen Nya Fabriken

Public appearances
2023 Retreat Radio, Malmö (SE)
2020 Retreat Radio/SAATANS KVINNA, Malmö (SE)

2020 KRYPTA, Gothenburg. During the Opening night I completed the artwork SkogsKabaré, a plaster duo-painting w/Martin Formgren, by making the inscription ”hybriddans” with a screwdriver, to the beat of self-composed and specially made music for the event - Some flowers shines best at night.

2020 Vulkano, Gothenburg. Two of my video works, Carrier of culture and Have you ever wondered how the rain sounds in the woods, were live-streamed as a part of the Online Valand Academy Examination show U got distance.

2019 Göteborgs Stadsmuseum, How to cut out the meaning of things. Interactive performance workshop with the visiters of Ordna livet - 17 böcker, we created a paperbook while reflecting on its materiality - the tree.

2023 Varje gång jag ser en bil tänker jag på dig, text to Hanna Antonssons solo show I didn't see it coming, Galleri Box, Gothenbyrg (SE)
2015 Low Fidelity, Official music video for Tentakel
2015 Text to Tommy Sveningssons solo show ZAGI, Galleri Thomassen, Gothenburg (SE)